Is the Library open on weekends?
The Library is closed on Saturdays but is open from 2:00pm-5:00pm on Sundays during the Fall & Spring semesters only.
Does the library have a fax machine for public use?
Unfortunately, the library does not have a fax machine available for public use.
Can I post a flyer in the Library?
In order to post a flyer in the Library, it must have a KC poster permit stamp and you must get permission from library staff.
Can I use my Ranger card or other debit/credit card at the Library?
Currently, cash is the only acceptable payment method at the library.


Can I check out headphones?
The library no longer has headphones available to check out.  
How and where can I make copies in the Library?
You may use the copier in the library or you may use the scanner to scan the document(s) and print it.
Does the Library have a color copier?
Yes, the library does have a color copier located on the second floor.

Off Campus Access

Why do I need to use the proxy service to access Library resources?
Contracts with our database vendors require us to restrict access to faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students of Kilgore College. When on-campus (i.e., within the KC computing network), connections to subscription resources are automatic. Off-campus access requires login through a proxy server. By using EZproxy, your browser becomes part of the Kilgore College network, regardless of your location. When you attempt to access a library resource, you will be prompted to log in with a username and password. This information is matched against the library patron database and those in authorized patron groups will be connected.
When do I need to use the proxy service?
You need to choose a method for remote access if:
  • you are connecting to the library from off-campus
  • you are on-campus but are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the web (e.g., SuddenLink).
What are my options for remote access?
EZproxy - no configuration necessary. [Instructions]
What browsers are supported?
EZproxy - is browser independent, i.e., any browser should work with EZproxy. However, some ISPs use Internet accelerators that interfere with EZproxy, please disable if you have difficulty connecting.
Which ISPs have difficulty?
  • Some ISPs use Internet accelerators that interfere with EZproxy, please disable if you have difficulty connecting.
  • Juno does not work properly with Ezproxy.
Where can I get help?
If you have difficulty accessing Library resources remotely, you may:


Can someone proofread my English paper for me?
We do not provide this service. You may visit the Zone Tutoring Lab for assistance.
Where can I get help with MLA formatting?

You may consult your instructor and/or refer to citationmachine.net.