Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Currently enrolled Kilgore College students, faculty, and staff have remote access to Library resources. EZproxy facilitates off-campus access to web-based, licensed resources (e.g., databases and electronic journals) for affiliated users. EZproxy requires no browser configuration on the part of the user and automatically prompts for login information when necessary.


ATTENTION: Login rules have changed. Please pay close attention to the instructions below.

To connect with EZproxy:

  • Visit library and navigate the web site as usual.
  • When you select a licensed resource, you may be prompted for a username and password. EZproxy automatically determines whether login information is necessary.
  • If prompted, please enter:
    • username: Your 9-digit Student/Faculty ID#(with no punctuation or spacing)
    • password: the combination of
    • first 4 letters of last name
    • first 4 letters of first name
    • last 4 digits of Student/Faculty ID#

      For example, if your name is Kristopher Kringle and your KC ID is 123456789, your login will be:

      Username: 123456789
      Password: krinkris6789
  • You will be automatically transferred to the resource you selected.

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