Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access

If you have been unsuccessful connecting to library resources, please review these troubleshooting suggestions.

ATTENTION: Login rules have changed. Please pay close attention to the instructions below.

Verify that you are a currently enrolled student, faculty, or staff member. When prompted for a username, password, or PIN enter:

  • username: Your 9-digit Student/Faculty ID#(with no punctuation or spacing)
  • password: the combination of
  • first 4 letters of last name
  • first 4 letters of first name
  • last 4 digits of Student/Faculty ID#

    For example, if your name is Kristopher Kringle and your KC ID is 123456789, your login will be:

    Username: 123456789
    Password: krinkris6789

Set your browser to accept cookies.

  • Internet Explorer: Click on TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS> SECURITY, Select the INTERNET icon and then CUSTOM LEVEL. Under COOKIES, select ENABLE.
  • Safari 3.2.? Click on EDIT >PREFERENCES>, Select the SECURITY icon, Under ACCEPT COOKIES, select ONLY FROM SITES YOU NAVIGATE TO

Do you have a firewall?

A firewall on your office or home network will interfere with the proxy service. In order to connect to subscription resources, your firewall software needs to give permission for our IP address to transmit through. Our proxy IP address is This address will allow you or your System Administrator to set up the library as a trusted host.

Be sure your javascript is turned on (browser default)

Javascript needs to be enabled for the proxy service to work.

  • Internet Explorer: Click on TOOLS> INTERNET OPTIONS> SECURITY> CUSTOM LEVEL. Under SCRIPTING, select ENABLE for all.
  • Safari 3.2.? Click on EDIT >PREFERENCES>, Select the SECURITY icon, Under WEB CONTENT, select ENABLE JAVA

What is your Internet Explorer security level?

Internet Explorer security needs to be set at medium or lower. A security setting of high turns off the javascript. Click on TOOLS> INTERNET OPTIONS> SECURITY> CUSTOM LEVEL to determine security level.

Your computer cannot read .PDF files.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader, Version 4.* or later. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) at

Are you running anti-virus software on your computer?

Some anti-virus programs interfere with the proxy service. Consider disabling your anti-virus program while doing research and enabling it when finished.