Special Collections in the Library

Hill Collection (Texana)

The John L. Hill Texana Collection was established in 1984. It consists of 1,000 volumes of Texana, Texas History, Texas Government, and Texas Fiction. Also, included in the collection are John Hill's Texas Attorney General's files, as well as pamphlets of Texas history.

The Hill Collection was donated to Kilgore College by former Texas Supreme Court Justice John L. Hill, Jr. in honor of his parents Jessie Hooverttill and John L. Hill, Sr. In addition there are rare, semi-rare, and first editions of Texana volumes.

Texas Heritage Resource Center

In January 1982, the Randolph C. Watson Library was designated as a Texas Heritage Resource Center by the Texas Historical Foundation. It is one of several across the state established to provide Texas history teachers with easy access to books and materials about the state. The library met the requirements for a resource center and is considered a charter member.