Collection Development Policy

The major purpose of the library is to participate in the educational program by acquiring, making readily available, and assisting in the use of books and other materials needed by its users. The library serves the faculty, staff, and students of Kilgore College and its surrounding community.

Book selection is done in a systematic and comprehensive manner giving priority to those materials that support the curriculum. Consideration is also given to the increased volume of available materials, the cost of those materials, and the costs of acquiring, cataloging, housing, and maintaining those materials. In order to keep the collection alive and useful, an active and continuing program of selection for withdrawal, or weeding, will be maintained.

Faculty members are largely responsible for recommending the acquisition of materials in their subject field. Any member of the faculty or staff may request that an item be added to the collection.

It is the responsibility of students to buy their own copies of assigned textbooks. The library is not expected to provide copies of current textbooks. Watson Library may not compete with the college bookstore.