Reserve Policy

Personal books or other materials may be placed on reserve. Personal items will be processed according to reserve procedures and will be marked to identify them as reserve materials. The library will not assume responsibility for replacing worn, damaged, or missing items.

In order to comply with copyright regulations, the following policies will be enforced.

  • All articles will be stamped with a copyright notice along with any information the library deems necessary for organization purposes. Materials may be placed on reserve for the current semester only. A new copy of the article must be submitted each semester the article is needed. If the faculty member sends an article that has been previously marked by the library with the copyright notice, it will be returned to the faculty member.
  • Only one photocopy of an article may be placed on reserve.

A completed reserve form must accompany each reserve item requested by the faculty member. A reserve request form will be sent to faculty members the last month of the semester for materials to be placed on reserve the following semester. The form may be copied as needed.

Reserve materials will be returned to the library shelves or to the faculty member at the end of the semester.

The library requires at least 48 hours from receipt of the material for processing before it will be available to students. This timeline may be extended during the first two weeks of a semester.