Food & Drink Policy

Definitions: A public area is any area that is open to, or used by, patrons and other visitors to the library. For the purposes of interpreting this policy, a public area includes any portion of staff area that is visible to patrons and visitors. Drinks include water in sport bottles.

Policy: Food and/or drinks are prohibited on the second floor of the library.

Rationale: Food and drinks are incompatible with the long-term preservation and maintenance of library materials. Accidentally spilled on books or other paper documents, food or drink not only cause direct damage that may be difficult and costly to repair, but also attract insects and other vermin that harm paper materials. Residue and trash from food and beverages (and the containers in they come in) also attract harmful pests.

Exceptions: Library staff (including student assistants) and others who work in the library building may bring food and drink into library and carry them discreetly to non-public areas of the building. Staff are strongly encouraged to limit possession and/or consumption of food and beverages to the staff workroom.

Enforcement: Library staff are expected to assist in the enforcement of this policy whenever violations occur. Patrons in violation of the policy should be politely informed of the policy and asked to comply; uncooperative offenders should be reported to the librarian on duty, who will take appropriate action. Staff in violation of the policy should be reported to their supervisor.