Noise Policy

Our mission is to provide access to a broad range of informational resources and services that support the mission of Kilgore College. To achieve that goal, it is necessary to manage noise levels in the library. Some patrons prefer quiet study areas and other patrons come to the library for collaboration. Because of this range of needs, we strive to offer a range of environments.

  • General
  • Noise varies dramatically within the library. If one area is too noisy for your purpose, please try the less noisy areas listed below.
  • Headphones/earbuds may be used if sound from them is not audible to others.
  • Cell phones: Turned off on second floor and in classroom and computer lab. First floor, set to vibrate and speak softly
  • Near service desks and offices may be noisier than other areas.
  • Noise Level Designations
  • Low Noise Area - Minimal talking, no study groups, cell phones should be off. This applies to the second floor.
  • Medium Noise Area - Low talking, small group studying, cell phone conversations should be kept to a minimum.
  • High Noise Area - Normal speaking voice. However, please be considerate of those around you. If a phone conversation lasts mor than 10 minutes, please take the call outside.
  • Noise levels usually found in Watson Library
  • First floor - Medium Noise
  • Second floor - Low Noise
  • Bone Learning Center Computer Lab- Low Noise

When people exceed reasonable noise levels for that area, they will be asked to cease or leave. If they continue to make excessive noise and refuse to leave, the police will be called.